We offer products with various types of licenses. Here are the different rights explained for you to avoid any confusion. Please read the full article attentively before buying our products.

Personal Use Rights (PUR)

Personal Use Rights licenses can only be used for “personal use”, such as reading, teaching, or sharing (if stated). These products cannot be resold or modified in any way. The rights allow unlimited use of the product that you purchase; however, it must only be used by you. You cannot sell or give them away. You can make your own copies but you cannot distribute them in any way.

Commercial Use Rights (CUR)

Commercial Use Rights allows you to distribute the product for your client’s projects where you charge a price for your time and work. You can use a product with this license for any number of clients for which they can be charged.

Give Away Rights (GAR)

Give Away Rights license allows you to give the product away for free to customers. People normally utilize GAR to help build a mailing list, attract visitors to their website, or just to keep existing subscribers happy by providing a free product. You can also use GAR products to give away as bonuses with other products,

Private Label Rights (PLR)

Private Label Rights offers the best license around. It allows you to edit it, change the content, claim authorship, and sell it for whatever price you want. Yes, this means you can totally rebrand, customize, change the product in any manner you see fit.

An example is if you buy a PLR ebook, you can change absolutely anything from the title, all the way to adding a paragraph, changing an entire paragraph, putting your name on it, etc.

With PLR products, you have endless possibilities. This is the license you want to grab if you want maximum control and full ownership of the product.

Resell Rights (RR)

Resell Rights allows you to sell the product as your own (unchanged unless specified otherwise in the license) to unlimited customers and keep 100% of the profits. The difference is that your customer receives no rights to resell. In most cases, you can sell a “Personal Use Only” license to your customers.

Another note: There may be certain boundaries with resell rights, such as selling the product at a certain price. For instance, your rights may state that an ebook may be sold for no less than $7. Be sure to read your rights carefully.

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